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"No harm's done to history by making it something someone would want to read."
                      -- David McCullough

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My forthcoming historical nonfiction work, JOHN SURRATT:  THE LINCOLN ASSASSIN WHO GOT AWAY, is scheduled for release in March, 2015 by the History Publishing Company.  Previous books and films have focused on the triggerman, John Wilkes Booth, or the military trial of the conspirators and the hanging of Mary E. Surratt, John’s mother, but no major book has focused on John Surratt.  This is surprising, because Surratt was Booth’s closest associate during the four months leading up to the assassination, and a known member of the Confederate Secret Service with ties to the highest levels of CSA Government.  Adding to the intrigue, Surratt’s two-year run from the law is a fascinating adventure, spanning the globe from New York to Canada, England, Italy and Egypt.  Stay tuned for more details!

My second novel, Bones Beneath Our Feet, recounts the dramatic story of the settling of Puget Sound by Americans - over the ashes of the indigenous native culture.  Bones Beneath Our Feet was released by Bennett & Hastings in 2011.  Bones is an American story for all who share this beautiful land; all people who are passionate about tolerance, dignity and liberty.  To learn more, and to read an excerpt, please CLICK HERE.

My first novel is a historical courtroom mystery entitled Just Deceits.  Just Deceits, a #1-seller on KINDLE, recounts a scandalous trial of wealthy Richard Randolph and his sister-in-law, Nancy, who were defended against charges of adultery and infanticide by John Marshall and Patrick Henry.  To learn more, and to read an excerpt, please CLICK HERE.

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